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Dear friends,

I’m offering a new, online rhythm meditation course called:

Expanded Consciousness Through Multiple Simultaneous Rhythms (MSR).

Description: The course is designed to help you increase the depth and capacity of your conscious awareness through the practice of a dynamic meditation process. This practice involves the expression of multiple rhythm streams through soft chant and tapping. It also helps to develop fluidity and stability in your nervous system.

In turbulent and unraveling times, while so many institutions and structures are deteriorating, this practice can provide an opportunity to learn an approach to grounding and personal presence, when new consciousness is finding its ways to emerge through the cracks appearing in what is familiar and obsolete.

I am offering this as an eight-week course, which will meet virtually via Zoom on Fridays at 11am eastern time U.S. It begins Friday, September 10th and runs for eight consecutive Fridays, finishing with a final session on October 29th. First and last sessions will be 90 minutes long, and all others will be 60 minutes long.


• a Zoom videoconference connection

• a personal space where you can softly chant while slowly tapping two different but related rhythms.

• brief daily practice of the chant and rhythms, as they are gradually introduced over the course, is recommended.

You don’t need a drum or percussion instrument, although you can use those if you like.

Price: The price for the course is $135 for all eight weeks.

Methods of Payment: You can use the Paypal buttons at the end of this section. In addition I accept Venmo, credit card, and mailed checks. For payments other than Paypal, please send me an email at chuck at kumandi dot com and I'll share details.

Additional Opportunity: I’m also offering an optional virtual Constellation session for those who want to work directly with a challenge in their life, using the rhythm meditation practice in the exploration process of a Constellation. Normally $100 for an hour, it will be discounted to $50 for those taking the course. I’ll have appointments available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and all sessions will need to be scheduled and completed by October 31st. Please use the drop-down menu with the Paypal button below to choose the course with the optional Constellation.

I’ll be keeping the number of participants in the course at 20 in order to foster connection, community and sharing. If more are interested I’ll start a second group, probably on Friday early afternoons.

Paypal options to go here

Rhythm Meditation Course (begins Sept 10 2021)

Good candidates for this course are:

-musicians- especially percussionists- who want to extend their understanding and competence with polyrhythms

-energy healers who wish to further develop the multi-dimensional consciousness needed to hold awareness of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic levels in which we travel simultaneously with clients

-Family Constellations practitioners who want to deepen the ability to deftly hold the multiple nested levels of the field in a Constellation. These fields include that of the individual client, their family, their near ancestors, their deep ancestral field, the soul field of humanity, the participants gathered in the circle holding space and being affected by the work, and crucially, your own personal field as facilitator and how you’re being affected in the crucible of the work.

-practitioners of meditation who wish to deepen their presence, stillness and depth of practice

-anyone seeking resolution to deep or long-held patterns of disappointment or frustration in life

-people in creative endeavors looking to stimulate and deepen their connection to a larger awareness of the world behind the world

-anyone working collaboratively in any type of group setting who wishes to learn about transforming conflict into movement and creativity

-someone who wants to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness

Testimonials from previous participants:

“Yes! Playing with rhythm is new and helped with different frequencies. The repeated invitation to learn differently, to perceive differently, to do without a right or wrong has been a glorious gift. As a meditation, this literally helped me find a kind of meditation that didn't trigger me and allowed me to watch when thoughts came in and I lost the rhythm, and the monkey mind would come back and start again.”

“I do feel different. Despite going through BBSH and many other programs, this process is different in a great way....It brought me to a place of that lifted me out of my mind and into the Heartbeat of Universal Love, which I find to be extraordinary.”

“Your class started by showing me what a narrow straw my perfectionism was! My time with you and the group opened and softened me....made me braver to be myself in the group. I had a wonderful time...thank you!”

“The energy feels very fluid like the water element ( wave?) and for me this is very powerful to have a safe connection which has movement and stillness combined. For someone who doesn't always find it easy to ground this is effortless, soothing and timeless. Kind of humbling to realise this has always been here!”

“By building from one beat to another, your left brain kind of "gives up", and allows your right brain to take over. This enables you to become part of the flow of eternal sounding, which allows you to let go and be part of the music itself.”

“I find now that when I begin to feel the weight of all that is happening in this country and around the world, I begin the rhythm meditation practice and it both grounds me to Gaia, and allows me to go up into the Cosmos where All Is Well.”

“I loved the light touch, space for exploring and creative joy brought by Chuck. Thank you.”

About Chuck:

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering, which I earned primarily to please my dad, although I didn’t know it so clearly at the time. I always had a love of music and especially drumming, but there was no support for that in my family. After working full time for a couple years after earning my degree I found how depressed and disassociated I was, entered therapy, and was fortunate to find a therapist who mainly reflected to me how alive I became whenever I talked about music and drumming. I took a leave from engineering and started taking drumming lessons and playing in rock bands. In 1992 I went to what I thought was an African drumming workshop, which was in reality an African dance class with live drumming, and that changed the course of my life. I’ve been immersed in the music and culture of West Africa, and primarily the nation of Guinea, since then. I learned to carve the drums, joined performing groups, began to teach individuals and groups, have been on two study trips to Guinea with one of my teachers, and for 25 years organized and led a West African drum and dance conference. I began studying at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2003 and graduated in 2007. I’ve also studied Reiki, kabbalistic healing, and the ancestral healing practice of Family Constellations- all taught by former BBSH teachers. I’ve had a healing practice in Atlanta, GA U.S. since 2007 and primarily practice Family Constellations, which I’ve shared in the U.S., Beirut and Dubai. I’ve been active in social justice and racial healing work for the last 4 years, mainly through a national organization called Coming to the Table. I’m really excited about sharing this rhythm meditation, which is in the foundations of everything I do.

What I’ve experienced over more than 25 years playing West African percussion music, which is inherently polyrhythmic, is an expansion of my capacity to hold multiple consciousness fields simultaneously, or multiple states of consciousness, or multiple levels of being. It helps me to know I’m safely grounded in a physical body on the Earth while at the same time staying in deep contact with a client, traveling in another dimension, and receiving images, information, sensations etc. that guide the healing. It’s helped me hold the many levels of consciousness that spiral into a group Constellation so they all seem to me like an ensemble intuitively playing music together. It’s helped me hold the painful times I go into an emotional reaction and remember that I both love this person and want to accuse them of hurting me. In these stressful times of unraveling and polarization, it helps me have the capacity to hold paradox and know there is truth in each of the opposing viewpoints that are unable to believe that this other person is serious about what they’re saying right now (smile).

Group Classes

The Emerson Drummers are now playing in their 25th year together!  This group was begun in September, 1996, with members of the Emerson Unitarian Congregation, and has grown since then with hundreds of different drummers being a part of the group- most starting as beginners.  It is not strictly a beginner class, but new folks regularly join the group.   The group has a strong welcoming spirit and sense of community sharing.  And with many experienced drummers taking part, you will be lifted by the power of the rhythm. 

Your first class is FREE. 7-8:30pm every Tuesday night, $20 per class drop-in for new members after your first class. For those ready to join the performing group, the Sustaining Member status gives you a discount price of $65 per month with a commitment to attend and pay every month.

We meet at East Cobb Park on Roswell Road, in the pavilion closest to the road and just behind the kids' playground.  Loaner drums and sale drums available by request at class. 

Six-session Beginner class: at Shallowford Presbyterian Church! Thursdays, 7pm, beginning November 4th, 2021 

     This new six-session class is held on Thursday nights, 7 - 8:30pm, in the Youth Building at Shallowford Presbyterian Church at 2375 Shallowford Road, Atlanta GA 30345.   A minimum of seven students is required for the class.  In accord with the Covid safety protocols, we will wear masks and safely distance during class. I am asking for only fully vaccinated participants please, and will request a copy of your vaccination record if you haven't taken class with me this year. Some rental and sale drums are available for the class.  The new six-class series begins on November 4th, skips Thanksgiving week, and finishes with a final class on December 16th.   We will take six classes to cover all aspects of one piece: break, djembe accompaniments, dunun music, bridge and song.

For the cooler winter months we'll be moving indoors, into the Youth Building just off the main front parking lot.  We will wear masks and observe safe distancing. I also require all participants to be fully vaccinated.  If you haven't taken a class with me this year, please email me an image of your vaccination card when you register.

When you pull into the big parking lot, park close to the main building toward its right side.  The first building you see on the right, about halfway down the walkway that goes up to the steps, is the youth building. 

Some rental and sale drums are available for the class if you need one to get started. **I currently have four really nice drums for sale!** 

     Payment: The prices for the class are $90 for the six-week series if registered by November 1st; $105 if you register after November 1st; and $20 drop-in for individual classes.

Payment options: If you don't have a Paypal account, you can mail a check payable to "Kumandi Drums" to PO Box 3, Decatur GA, 30031-0003, or you can call me at 404-966-5800 and give a credit card number. 

For maximum convenience, use these Paypal buttons for registration and drum rental fees.

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