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Drum Making Workshop

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Date: May 6-12, 2013

Kumandi Drum and Dance Camp

Drum Building Workshop

Join Tom Harris for an exciting experience of drum building. During this two day workshop, participants will be introduced to the joy of building a West African drum. All tools and materials are provided. Choose one of the following drums to build:

Ashiko - this Nigerian hand drum is a tapered cylinder with a goat skin across the large end. Dimensions are 12' x 7" x 26". The drum shell is made from 18 wooden staves. The head is mounted using the Mali weave.

Dun Dun, Sangban and Kenkeni - These Malinke drums form the bottom of the djembe ensemble. They are built Guinea style: Dun Duns are 15"x27", Sangbans are 12"x22", and Kenkenis are 10"x18". They are constructed from wooden staves. They have thick West African cow skins for heads and are played with a stick.

Djembe - The shells for this Malinke drum are from the Ivory Coast. Drum shells are imported, and participants re-finish them and mount the heads on themselves. New rings, rope and goat skins are provided.

This weekend workshop is intense and joyful. While Tom is able to share the experience and skill he has acquired from building over 1200 drums since 1996, each person is faced with a significant challenge to bring their first drum to completion. Most people finish the weekend feeling a deep sense of satisfaction while also feeling like they have finished the equivalent of a marathon. It is also a strong bonding experience for the participants who have shared this process.

Wednesday May 8
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Put two coats of finishing oil followed by paste wax.  Wrap rings with fabric, tie cradle loops around rings.

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (approx) Lace on skins, pre-tighten skins and level rings, shave heads.

Thursday May 9

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pull vertical ropes tight, tie diamonds to tune the drum, re-shave heads, add handle.  Play joyfully.

Drum Order Form

Workshop Date: _May 6-12, 2013______




Drum Type (except for djembe, indicate paduk (bright orange), purple heart, bloodwood, cherry or black walnut for wood)

Wood Type

Ashiko ________ $240 _____________

Super Dununba $475 _____________ (18x36)

Dununba $395 ____________ (15 1/2 x27)

Sangban _______ $375 _____________

Kenkini_________ $350 _____________

Djembe _________ $340


Djembe Rehead ___ $100

For more information, contact:

Tom Harris

5014 Lakemont Drive

Douglasville, GA 30135

cell 770-843-3556

email tomharris57@comcast.nettomharris57@comcast.net



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