School Programs

West African Drumming can be a vibrant, relevant part of a wide variety of curriculae, including (but not limited to):

  • History, Geography and Social Studies
  • International/Cultural Studies
  • Music and Language Arts
  • Acoustical Science
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Creative Arts


Chuck Cogliandro offers a variety of school programs for groups of students ranging in age from pre-school presentations to college and post-graduate seminars to teacher workshops. Each presentation is tailored to be appropriate, accessible, fun and engaging for specific groups.

Programs can feature a large performing group, a small performing group or a solo presentation. In each, a wide variety of percussion instruments are demonstrated and performed, and the ensuing discussion includes how the instruments are constructed, their acoustic principles, on what occasions they are played, etc. The presentation includes a highly interactive session with multi-tonal, modern percussion instruments called Boomwhackers, in which the group members create their own unique musical piece. Presentations can be adapted to integrate with virtually any relevant curriculum, depending on the objectives of the curriculum. A number of students may get the opportunity to play some of the African drums and learn a traditional rhythm, and all members of the group learn traditional West African songs . Likewise, depending on the ages and size of the group, students are invited to rap with a beat that Chuck plays, demonstrating the connection between the skills of the ancient praise-singer jeli class of West Africa, and the rap artists of today's popular music.

Chuck Cogliandro’s school programs give students exposure to music, language, instruments, and cultures from West Africa. They provide a living, tangible example of how people from another culture live, communicate, and celebrate together and maintain their connections to each other and to the cycles of nature.

Program participants benefit from:

  • Exposure to a vibrant, high-energy, rich culture and music
  • The opportunity to learn new songs and drumming music
  • A visceral experience of listening, cooperating, and creating music-in-the-moment in a group
  • A direct connection between 'their' style of music and the roots from which it springs

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