Click this link to see a 3 minute video on the BBSH, where I studied from 2003-2007:
It is part of a 20 minute DVD which you can order free of charge from the BBSH website at http://www.barbarabrennan.com Many of the students in the group scenes are my beloved classmates.

Healings, Rituals, and Celebrations

My Energy Healing Practice

It is my intention to create my healing practice in service to others, to help create optimum health on all levels, and to help further the collective of humanity in its evolution toward love and understanding. Energy healing can, among other things, clear, balance and charge the human energy field; help one discover and clear energy blocks which originate with unconscious beliefs; be a support in preparation for, or recovery from, surgery; and support the body's natural, inherent healing powers in a disease process. Making a commitment to your own healing can be a first step to deeper creativity, more fulfilling relationships, and better understanding of your divine purpose. It may also be a part of creating relationship with, and more acceptance of, the divine mystery of the unknown. Energy healing is a complementary modality, which means it is one part of a comprehensive healing team that may include a general practitioner doctor and specialists providing allopathic medical care, as well as a naturopath, nutritionist, chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, psychological therapist, etc.

I am a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a four-year college which offers Professional Studies and Bachelor's of Science degrees in healing. One reason I chose the BBSH training program is for its grounding in science. Dr. Barbara Brennan is a physicist, and researched atmospheric physics with NASA in the 1960s. With my own background in engineering and interest in the intersection of science, spirituality and energy, the school was very attractive to me. Barbara has built on the foundations laid by her teachers- Eva Pierakkos and the spirituality of Pathwork, as well as John Pierrakos (a student of Wilhelm Reich), who co-created Bio-Energetics with Dr. Alexander Lowen, and later created the body-centered therapy of Core Energetics.

Another very powerful component of BBSH is its emphasis on the healer's personal process of discovering his or her own distorted beliefs and images about reality, which create energetic blocks, and how to contact, explore and begin the lifelong work of healing these blocks and distortions. This work is equally important and is done through all four years in parallel with learning the healing skills. It creates the foundation for the healer to shift more into a holographic paradigm, to the understanding that mind and consciousness are the foundation of healing. This helps the healer support a client to do the same.

I am currently working and seeing clients at my office in Decatur, Georgia. It is located at 425 Commerce Drive, Decatur Ga, 30030.  It is a blue house at the corner of Commerce and Barry Street.  Barry is a one-way side street in the curve of Commerce just south of Sycamore.

An initial healing session lasts 90 minutes to two hours, and involves the client's sharing of background information on health, life events and current life conditions. A confidential client intake form is filled out ahead of time by the client and sent at least a day before the first session. There will usually be table work, in which the client remains fully clothed, lying comfortably on a massage table, and hands-on energy work is done. Subsequent sessions are similar and last 60-90 minutes. The fee for a session is $85.  I also offer distance healing sessions. These involve an appointed time where the client calls me, the client provides a similar sharing, we hang up the phone, and the client lies comfortably at home while the energy work is done at a distance. The fee for distance healings is the same as in-person healings.

Links to Forms (Word documents):

Welcome Letter and Client Intake Form

Client Consent Form

Rituals and Celebrations

One of my passions is to work with individuals and communities to create meaningful rituals and ceremonies. Drumming joins us with the rhythms of life and the earth, and is our original, most powerful and immediate music. It connects us to each other, helping us transcend the limits of our thinking mind and expand to an awareness of our higher self. For this reason, drumming and dance is an important element in all life passage ceremonies.

I have helped create many original ceremonies, and drummed as a part of many others- births, baby-namings, cronings, birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, funerals, graduations and memorials. It is my longing and deep honor to co-create rituals and ceremonies for individuals and communities which include music, rhythm, dance and drumming. The Living Mandala of Rhythm is one such celebration which has included the participation of hundreds, and involves the simultaneous stepping, chanting and clapping of rhythm and intentions in large concentric circles.

Click here to read about a Birth Experience with Drumming, in the Mother's and my own words

Click here to read "Drumming and Healing: Exploring the connections between multiple simultaneous rhythms, brainwave states, and expanded consciousness," my senior research project for BBSH.



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