Travel to Guinea with Mohamed DaCosta and Chuck Cogliandro

December 2017

Two, three and four-week packages- the adventure of a lifetime!

Djembe, dunun, dance, singing and balafon classes taught by members of Guineaís ballet companies

Attend dundunbas (street parties) and ballet rehearsals

Meals and transportation provided by members of Mohamedís family

Help deliver soccer balls to Guinean youth

Feel the joyful, high-energy Guinean culture from the moment you land at the airport to the time you sadly say goodbye!

Accommodations are in Mohamedís new villa, with classes under the trees right in the courtyard. Classes will be organized by skill level and interests. Main meals are fresh and healthy rice, fish and vegetables prepared by Mohamedís family.

PRICES for classes, meals, transportation and lodging while in country:

4 weeks - $1600

3 weeks- $1400

2 weeks- $1200

Discounts: 10% discount for anyone who has attended Kumandi AD&D in 2016 or 2017. $50 discount for payment of $250 non-refundable deposit by September 1st, and an additional $50 discount for payment in full by November 1st.

Payments accepted: Checks payable to Kumandi Drums, mailed to PO Box 3, Decatur GA, 30031-0003 Paypal, use ďSend MoneyĒ function and chuck@kumandi.com for recipient Credit card: call Chuck at 404 966 5800 Add 3% fee to c.c. and Paypal payments

**What you will need to acquire:

-Airfare to Conakry. Prices are high now and will start to come down in September. I paid $1800 round trip from Atlanta in 2013. AirFrance is very good.

-Current Passport- plan ahead!

-Visa from Guinea: $160 [https://www.guineaembassyusa.com/visa-citizen-services/visa/]

-Yellow fever vaccination from your county board of health: ~$150

-Anti-malarial medications: Use your best judgment. When I traveled to Guinea I used a homeopathic anti-malarial remedy and had no problems. Itís not the rainy season and your stay is relatively short. If you do get medication, do the research on side effects as some are highly psychoactive for some people.

-Electricity converter if you have any devices that need charging- wifi is limited

-Funds for any clothing, fabric, souvenirs or musical instruments you may want to purchase. A custom-carved drum can be arranged if you let us know ahead.

The national languages are French and Susu. Itís advisable to learn some basic phrases ahead of time to be able to converse with your hosts and teachers. Wontanara! (We are together!) I nu wali! (Thank you!)



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