See What African Drum and Dance Camp Attendees Have Told Us:

" For me, the Beginners Dunun class was the highlight.  Bill did an excellent job and I feel I finally made some break-throughs in my dunun playing (e.g., playing different patterns with the bell and the stick).  Bounturabi’s All-Level classes are always a treat, and Bill & Leah’s Drumming for Dancers was challenging but useful.      "

-Larry Usselman, PA 2011

" Camp was a great experience for me in many ways; including, drumming, learning, and socializing.  During class and late night drumming, I witnessed my own hands playing in ways that I had not experienced before I arrived.  The Wild Acres Retreat Center was a beautiful, clean and supportive environment for the camp, as well. I am grateful to the camp coordinators, teachers, staff, the site staff and my fellow attendees for such a rich experience; and will be back next year with fellow Austinites! "

-Deborah, TX, 2011

" Drum and Dance was a truly life-changing experience, and I can never thank you enough for allowing us to attend and your cooperation with Tom and your support of Youth Villages. I can promise you with confidence that because of that cooperation and support, the traditional drumming, dancing, and song of West Africa will continue to spread joy and build family through the southeast as we share it with our communities. "

-Youth Villages cohort, GA 2011

" Very supportive and informative. I enjoyed Fode taking time during the class to speak about Guinea and create the map to explain the different regions. I also always enjoy the downtime between class and dinner to meet with instructors and talk with them about their experiences. All of the instructors are very friendly and approachable. I believe this is one of the things that makes this camp stand apart from all the rest. "

-Sandy, Lake Orion MI  2010

" I learned so much at camp! So many rhythms, so many teaching styles, so many new ways to move. My confidence level increased, as did my understanding of my own place in the drumming world. I saw people just beginning, and those for whom drumming is a way of life, is their livelihood. I saw where I am on the continuum, and feel more comfortable now as a student, and as a new member of a performing group. Thank you for such an amazing experience, and I hope to see you back in the mountains next year! "

-Caroline, Charlotte NC  2010

" The highlight for me was, once again, the spirit of the camp, which I have always found to be: 'We will provide you with the highest quality of instructors available and support you to learn and do your best- and whatever that is, we are proud of what you have done.' This is the reason I return every year- that and the absolutely incredible people involved. I cannot begin to tell you how much this camp has done for me! "

-Jeanette, Lake Toxaway NC  2010

" There truly is the power to change lives, and therefore the world, in gatherings like this. The vision to see beyond the solo performance to the community unity is the sacred spirit which can heal souls and cultures. "

-Jim, Winston-Salem, NC

" I learned so many things that were just right for my process in drumming... being introduced to African dancing, krin, and meeting and sharing with over 100 like-minded peaceful, loving people. What a slice of paradise! Wildacres completely frees the soul. The lodging is ideal, the food was spectacular- fresh, healthy, plentiful. Breaking bread with others 3 times a day was always a special treat."

-Judy, Winston-Salem NC

" Not only do you experience drumming, sabar, balafon, krin, dance and singing, but the teachers and staff put it all together to understand the meaning of each and how each segment interacts. [The teachers] always had time for you. Seldom in my experience does a master have the time to just sit by you and explain what he thinks you need to work on.”

-Danny, Douglasville GA





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