What AT&T Says About Kumandi Organizational Training and Team Building:

At first, I was intrigued by the idea, but thought perhaps it was a little "too way out" for our conservative group... But I came to realize that the risk I should take was exactly the risk we would be asking our associates to take: disconnect from the norm, take a risk and be successful, and be able to harmonize (literally) and play music as a team. I knew it was the right match for our need.

I'll never forget the shock people felt when the first drum beat occurred, but until this day they still talk about the drumming and the music we made. And it had lasting effects in that we all took a risk at something most of us had never done, and were successful individually and then as a team. We enjoyed the synergy that many accomplished musicians feel when they make music together… and we accomplished it without being musicians.

As another challenging year unfolded, we found the synergistic experience a foundation for facing greater challenges.

Candace M. Gipe

Sales Manager

AT&T, Global Services Division



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